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upAyana dAna

vratAcharaNa does not attain completion till the upAyana dAna is given to a suitable dvija. Shastras instruct us to carefully look for a "suitable" brAhmaNa as giving dAna to an unqualified person robs one of the fruits of the vrata. And it is not easy… more »

Tai ji

Tai ji is normally understood as a practice rather than as a principle. The practice originates from the principle and a lack of understanding of the governing principle leaves the practice incomplete. Wu ji has been described as No Extreme and Tai ji… more »


Smt. Aruna Sairam performed the magnificent Kriti of Sri Oothukadu Venkatasubbaiyer in Raga Paras, AlAvadebbALo, during the Margazhi Utsavam on Jaya TV. This Kriti names each of the sixty-three nAyanmAr saints of Tamil Nadu. One among the Sapta Ratna Kr… more »

aShTaShaShTi nR^isimha kShetras

The shrIvaiShNavas have their own list of kShetras documented as divya deshas which are held in high regard by the followers of rAmAnujAcharya. A distinctive set of nR^isiMha kShetras has been revealed by the Lord to brahmA and this is held close to hea… more »

sahyAmalaka kShetra

sahyAmalaka kShetra or Thirunelli as it is popularly known, is located in the Western Ghats of Kerala in the valley of Brahmagiri. Lord nR^isiMha is stationed in this kShetra with the special epithet of devadeva, the Lord of the Lords. The glory of the… more »

New Stotras ...

The following new Stotras have been added to the --*Stotra*-- page of our Website: - bAlA muktAvaLI stotram - abhirAma sundarI stotram - chidambareshvara stotram - viShNoraShTAvimshati nAma stotram - venkatesha vajra kavacha stotram - guruvAyupurA… more »

Thetiyur Subrahmanya Shastrigal

While discussing the verse dealing with devI hR^idaya vidyA in saundaryalaharI, someone remembered his father’s Guru Brahmasri Thetiyur Subrahmanya Shastrigal. Shastrigal is best known for his commentary on Saundaryalahari in Tamizh. chatuH ShaShTi yogi… more »

shrIpUrti vidyA

A conversation with someone as well-read as Dr. Rendell is always a pleasure. He had an interesting query about shrIpUrti vidyA. He had obviously read about it but had not seen its practical use, especially of the kAdi shrIpUrti vidyA. more »

samvicChatakam - 8

yA kAchidbhujagI sadA saralagA pIyUShadAyinyaho padmAraNyavihAriNI shrutimatI tejastanUrnirbhayA | janmAbdhiplavavardhinI vashayati shrInIlakaNThaM dR^ishA sA saMvit sukR^itodayA sphuratu nashchitte sadA sarvagA || 81 || AsyAmbhojabhavA patiM nijama… more »

brahmacharya and tantra

namaH shivAbhyAm There was a query whether those in brahmacharyAshrama can undertake the practice of Tantra. They can, undoubtedly. One can quote the utility of tantra for all varNa and Ashrama from various scriptures. As a case study, one can refer to… more »