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pAncharAtra saMhitA - 1

guNAtIto.akSharaM brahma bhagavAn puruShottamaH | jano jAnannidaM satyaM muchyate bhavabandhanAt || A few years ago, I happened to look through various pAncharAtra saMhitAs to identify every possible material related to Lord nR^isiMha. This was a list… more »

The Tao of Lao-tse

From the viewpoint of world history, the greatness of Lao-tse is closely connected to the Chinese Spirit. Lao-tse’s limits are the limits of this spirit: Lao-tse’s disposition remains serene despite all kinds of suffering. It does not know the threat of… more »

Aspects of Oriental Medicine

Yin and Yang Polarity forms the basis of the Eight Principles of Taoist Oriental medicine. These principles are simply a way of diagnosing and describing the state/condition of Qi. These include four pairs of opposites: 1. Yin and Yang 2. Interior and… more »