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Buddhist Tantra - 5

The deities of the vajrayAna are all manifestations of shUnya. Advayavajra says in a very characteristic verse that the deities are nothing but manifestations of shUnya and are by nature non-existent, and whenever there is manifestation it must be shUny… more »

shrI kAmAkShI

[Based on sthala purANa by Brahmasri C V Kamakoti Shastrigal] shrI lalitA parAbhaTTArikA presides over the kAmakoShTha (kAmakoTTa or kAmakoTi, the name of the shakti pITha that was later assumed by the Kumbhakonam Mutt) in five forms: 1. shrI kAmAks… more »

A Medley

A quick medley of some famous kIrtanas of Saint tyAgarAja in the enchanting voice of vishAkhA manni. more »

svarNa yantra

As we sat to discuss the annual mahotsavam and a yantra pratiShThA at a Kali Temple in dakshiNa desha, several related tantras were examined for a suitable pramANa before ordering a specific yantra. It seems to be a trend lately to prefer yantras made i… more »

Buddhist Tantra - 5

To understand the significance of the vajrayAnic conception of advaya, the theory of shUnyatA and karuNA will first have to be taken into consideration. Voidness and compassion together constitute what is called the Bodhichitta or the Bodhi Mind. This i… more »

sanketa panchaka

sa~Nketapanchamaj~nAtvA viphalaM pUjanam japaH | nAmasa~Nketaka~nchaiva gurusa~Nketakam tathA || mantrasa~Nketaka~nchaiva kAlasa~NketakaM tathA | (A)chArasa~NketakaM chaiva vinA siddhirna jAyate || more »

Clarification on Buddhist Tantra

shrImAtre namaH Some seem to be really distressed reading the posts on Buddhist Tantra and have begun questioning the authenticity of their practice. If any such of you learnt from me, I am ashamed of myself. A series of posts shook your faith in your… more »

nirR^iti dhyAna

Here it is, as requested: narArUDhaM rakSho dishi vikaTadamShTraM sunishitaM kR^ipANaM bibhrANaM sajaladajaladashyAmalatanum | yajeddhelAlolaM palachapalamAraktanayanaM vichitrAla~NkAraM tadanuvidhivadrAkShasapatim || [rudrayAmaLe vidyApIThAvatare… more »

Bhiksha Vandanam

All the proposed Bhikshavandanams from our Mandali have been completed at Sri Mutt at Kanchipuram on the occasion of the Jayanti Mahotsavam of Mahaperiyaval. Please write to your respective points of contact or to Ravi/Vaidy/Sharada if you have not been… more »


AvaraNa is a Kannada novel written by the noted writer S L Bhyarappa, whose work I read frequently due to the advaita philosophy embedded therein. Though my mother recommended this book 2 years ago, I got to reading it pretty late. It is really a magnif… more »