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Literary works of gorakShanAtha

Twenty-eight works are ascribed to the immortal nAtha-yogin gorakShanAtha. They are: 1. amanaska yoga 2. amaraugha-shAsanam 3. avadhUta-gItA (possibly different from the standard text ascribed to Lord dattAtreya) 4. gorakSha kalpa 5. gorakSha kaumu… more »

The Emerald Tablet and Atlantean Alchemy

- Dennis William Hauck The roots of alchemy are buried in legend and mystery; allegedly the earliest books on alchemy appeared all at once, as if they had been locked away for safekeeping and were suddenly released. At the beginning of the first millen… more »

The Eight Stages of Daoist Internal Alchemy

An Excerpt from the writings of Daniel P Reid In practicing internal alchemy of spiritual enlightenment through meditation, the adept progresses through eight stages of development. 1. Conservation of Essence “When the oil is used up, the lamp goe… more »

ekaM sat

ekam sadviprA bahudhA vadanti - R^igveda [1|164|4] Like the saying goes, AtmA purANam vedAnAm, the commentary to the above statement in the shruti can be seen in shrImadbhAgavata upa-purANa: iti nAnA prasaMkhyAnaM tattvAnAmR^iShibhiH kR^itam sarvaM… more »

Rishi for Bala mantra

[Query] Who is the rishi for bala mantram? Is the chandas gayathri or pamkti? As we have pointed out several times earlier, one would need to get these details from Sadguru. There are twenty-eight chief mantras of bAlA and each have different R^iShi… more »

pAshupata and linga dhAraNa

[Query] Does Pashupata sect involve wearing linga like veerashaivas? The answer would be No. rudrAkSha-dhAraNam is obligatory for a pAshupata ascetic but not linga-dhAraNa. shrIdevyuvAcha: mahApAshupate dIkShA proktA yA pUrvachodanaiH | bhasma-rudr… more »

Shankara and Buddhism - 2

Shankara then attacks the notion of pratItya-samutpAda as explaining the origin and regulation of the santAna without the intervention of any conscious agent. The Buddhist formula ‘does not intimate an efficient cause for the formation of the aggregates… more »

AmnAya vimarshanam

shrIhaMsI: manIShin! kIdR^igvidha AmnAyamantrabhedaH? prakAshyatAM paramakR^ipayA kiM kAryam | shrIhaMsaH: manIShiNi! mA sha~Nkasva, shR^iNu sAvadhAnena AmnAyAnulakShaNaM varNayAmaH | pramade! mantrAstrividhA, AmnAyoditAH smR^itisUchitAH purANapradars… more »

Sri Marakata Bhuvaneshvari

shrImAtre namaH shrIprAsAda parameshvarAya namaH shrIlakShmInR^isiMha parabrahmaNe namaH shrI marakata bhuvaneshvarI idol is an ancient vigraha made of pure marakata shilA and worshipped by the pUrvAshrama family of the previous mahAswAmigaL of Hampi… more »

vaiShNava bhakti mArga - 2

shrImAtre namaH prAsAda parameshvarAya namaH With the arising of mumukShutA in the jIva, a gradual transformation into vairAgya and viveka is effected leading to determined adherence to sadguru and shAstra. Having attained jnAna through the prescribed… more »