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bhaja re re chitta ....

Today, after we concluded the navAvaraNa pUjA on the occasion of the siddhi-divasa of one the deshikas in our lineage, we recited the mahimnaH stavarAja of mahAtripurasundarI as usual. Right after this, a suvAsinI rendered beautifully the Dikshitar Krti… more »


मुद्राः स्युस्त्रिविधा देवि रचनामन्त्र&#234… more »

navAvaraNa pUjA prayoga

चञ्चत्तडिन्मिहिरकोटिकरां विचेलां उद्य&#234… more »

MS Amma continues to live ....

MS Amma and her celestial music continues to live. After a long hiatus of 15 years, Smt. Radha Vishwanathan performs again with her granddaughter Chi Aishwarya. May Parameshvara grant health and long life to Radha Mami. And here is, IMHO, the best… more »

Pune Before and After and Ever After

Our buddy Sandeep does it again. For those who seek some laughs to beat the mid-week blues, here is his take on the new Mile Sur video. Pune is just the name of another city where the blasts occurred. A welcome gift on the eve of Valentines Day to re… more »


वेदानुद्धरते जगन्ति वहते भूगोलमुद्बिभ्&#235… more »

Mukambika Suprabhatam

mahAvidyA bagaLAmukhI

bhagavatI bagaLAmukhI is the great saMstambhinI (Immobilizing or arresting) vidyA who keeps the three worlds and the planetary systems locked in their orbits. In the first stage of cosmic cycle (kR^ita yuga), a great disaster arose in the form of vAta-k… more »

shAkta siddhAnta – 9

The Supreme Shakti, the instrument of transcendent shiva in all his activities (samanA), is the totality of all the tattvas. This position, in which kAla is called sAmya, form a kalA of samanA and is eternal (being unaffected by mahA-praLaya), is that o… more »

shrI bhagavannAma bodhendra

यस्य स्मरणमात्रेण नामभक्तिः प्रजायते | तं… more »