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shrIkamalAmbike shive pAhi mAm lalite || मदम्बिका हृत्कमलासनस्था | तनोतु सौ&#… more »


उद्दामकामपरमार्थसरोजषण्ड- चण्डद्युतिद&#238… more »

shAkta siddhAnta - 11

The soul as a spiritual atom thus makes its first appearance when the freedom of divine will is lost behind its own self-created veil through the transition of shakti from parA-kuNDalinI to prANa-kuNDalinI. This transition is effected by a graded proces… more »

The Alchemical Body

The Egyptian god Anubis figure’s ascent on the right side of the wheel represents the upward movement of the Governing Vessel along the spine. His spine is against the wheel to highlight this point. The golden serpent’s descent on the left side of the w… more »

The Great Perfection

Longchen Nyingtig is the work of Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa, written about two centuries ago in Tibet. It is one of the classic texts of Dzogchen (rdzogs chen) or the Great Perfection. Certain sections of the text can be of use to non-dualists even outside t… more »

Tantric Buddhism - 1

- Selections from An Introduction to Tantric Buddhism Introduction A critical study of the nature of Tantric Buddhism will reveal that there is no organic relation between Tantra and Buddhism of any form. It is not a fact that Buddhism, in the course… more »

Planes of Being


Kadamba (Anthocephalus cadamba) is the most sacred of kula-vR^ikShas and worshipped on vaishAkha paurNamI through a special ritual employing the tvaritA nityA mantra. more »

Kalika Stotram

The vocals are by Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta and the amazing performance by our old friend Malavika. more »

prastAra bhedAH

There was a query on the prastAra bheda-s of shrIchakra. We have some older posts on this topic and as always, the practical aspects need to be grapsed from sadguru. Here though are the relevant verses which are true for the shuddha-chakra. Innumerable… more »