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Buddhism and the Notion of Self

- Bernard Faure Unmasking Buddhism Buddhism stands unique in the history of human thought in denying the existence of such a Soul, Self, or Atman - Walpola Rahula, What the Buddha Taught, 1959 The buddhas spoke of the self as well as teaching about… more »

Solfeggio Frequencies

tAntrika abhiSheka sUkta

ॐ अस्य श्री अभिषेक सूक्त महामन्त्रस्य दक्&#… more »


Sri Nikhil Bhattacharya sent us this link to Achyutashtakam rendered by Manna De from the soundtrack of an old Hindi movie. tasya vashyo harirjAyate sattvaram | more »


An old favorite from a movie that had an amazing soundtrack. more »


Anandabhairava-kalpa, most probably a compilation from an older tantra, lists mantras, AvaranNa-krama, stava, kavacha, prayogas etc. for nine deities. It does not take much to guess that this manual was authored in Kashmir. 1. mahArAjnI (Khir Bhavani)… more »


चिन्मुद्रां दक्षहस्ते प्रणतजनमहाबोधदा&#2340… more »


A few readers had some questions on Sutra and Tantra division within vajrayAna, the concept of atiyoga etc. Longchen Rabjam, the famous Tibetan Master of Nyingma school captures all these details in his discourse on Dzogchen, ably translated by Tulku T… more »


Krishnananda Agamavagisha

Though dIkShA is of primary importance, tantras such as rudrayAmaLa warn the upAsaka that siddhi is not attained by dIkShA alone in kali-yuga. Shabda is transformed into mantra-bIja or the mAntric seed through dIkShA and it is the responsibility of the… more »