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Shankara and Buddhism

One frequently hears the story that our beloved Acharya bhagavatpAda was responsible for eliminating Buddhism from the Indian sub-continent. This is used both as a praise and as an accusation directed towards the Acharya. Several scholars have also poin… more »

Tranquility and Insight - 2

Remedies to Eliminate the Hindrances Most hindrances belong to the area of dullness and sensual incitement. By knowing how to remove these, one will automatically know the remedy for others. 1. The remedy for sensual incitement lies in calming the mi… more »

Raga Jog

A mesmerizing rendition of Raga Jog by Pandits Sri Maniram-ji, Sri Pratap Narayan-ji and Sri Jasraj. more »


bhAsA chakreshvarI

The heart of the ShoDashAvaraNa shrIchakra and hence of shrIkrama tantra is the kalpana of the bhAsA chakra-s. Both baDabAnala and shankara bhagavatpAda's yatidaNDaishvaryavidhi deal only with the practical aspects of the bhAsA chakras without touching… more »

Tranquility and Insight - 1

All spiritual techniques are means to lead the mind towards states of absorption, be it mantra, mandala, dhyAna or bhakti. The teachings of Vajrayana provide a highly systematic map of the various kinds of absorption and can be beneficial to all aspiran… more »

The Violet Flame

Today was yet another New Age gathering which, now thinking back, was a total waste of time. I had a fifteen minute slot to talk on Rigpa and it seemed that none in the audience was interested or even remotely capable of approaching the topic. The entir… more »

Sri Nrsimha

इतो नृसिंहः परतो नृसिंहो यतो यतो यामि ततो &#2344… more »

shrI mahAsudarshana mUrtiH

rAdhA stava

श्रीगणेश उवाच तव पूजा जगन्मातर्लोकशिक्ष&#… more »