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Entities, Tulkus and Servitors

- Zivorad Mihajilovic Slavinski Deliberate creation of Entities is elaborated with most precision in the magical operations of Tibetan yoga. It is based on thousand-year-old concepts of Oriental philosophy according to which matter is condensed and cry… more »

pashchimAmnAya nAyikA

संवर्तामण्डलान्ते क्रमपदनिहितानन्दशक्… more »

Sri Guru

विधिबिलकमलान्तर्वसदकथहळक्षाख्यरुचिरम&… more »

Sutra of the Golden Light

Sutra of the Golden Light or the suvarNaprabhAsottama sUtra is a mahAyAna text that borrows heavily from Hindu scriptures, rituals and practices. It is the Buddhist version of remedies for affliction from the various grahas. It is well-known to those wi… more »

dIpa mangala jyoti namo namaH

shAkta siddhAnta – 12

This worldly soul is technically known as sakala, being endowed with body, senses etc. corresponding to the tattva or bhuvana to which it belongs. Such souls range from the lowest plane to the plane of kalA and migrate from plane to plane according to t… more »

Chatral Rinpoche on Eating Meat

Kyabje Chatral Sangye Dorje Rinpoche is one of the most accomplished Tibetan Buddhist yogis alive today. In 1947 he had the lofty status of being the head spiritual master of the political leader of Tibet, Regent Reting, but he has always preferred to l… more »


आर्भट्या शशिखण्डमण्डितजटाजूटां नृमुण्&#2337… more »

pItha nyAsa

The following are the pIthas used for nyAsa in the mAtR^ikA positions according to mahAmanthAna-bhairava tantra. 01. kAmarUpa 02. vArANasI 03. nepALa 04. puNDravardhana 05. purastIra 06. kAnyakubja 07. pUrNagiri 08. arbuda 09. AmrAtakeshvara… more »

Siddhi and Siddha

The scriptures of the three great kulas - tripurA, kAlikA and kubjikA (baDabAnalIya krama tantra excludes tArA as one of the chief shakti-s) refer to various categories of Siddhas. The jnAna-siddhas या सैव कथ… more »