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shR^i~Ngagiri, where prakR^iti and puruSha come together to salute at the inconceivable pAdukA of shrIvidyA parameshvarI, who excels beyond limited concepts such as shiva, shakti and shiva-shakti sAmarasya. Says brahmAnanda: "Fool! kAlikA is neither shi… more »

Commentators on Tantras

There are great scholars and practitioners of tantra who have done yeomen service to sAdhaka-varga through their commentaries. While abhinavagupata and bhAskararAya are well-known within and outside tAntric circles, many others remain unknown and under-… more »

Shaiva criticism of advaita, vishiShTAdvaita and dvaita

shrIpati, in his commentary on the brahmasUtra of bAdarAyaNa, criticizes the siddhAnta-s of shankara, rAmAnuja and madhva to establish his own school of thought based on shaivAgama, dvaitAdvaita. He expresses severe disagreement with shankara’s doctrine… more »


- Philippe C kAlachakra (Tib. Dukyi khorlo) means Wheel of Time. This text is not simply an astrological treatise, but a complete system of Tantric teaching and practice belonging to the class of non-dual Anuttara Yoga-Tantra, the highest of the Buddhi… more »


nAmasmaraNam dhanyopAyam

Eight Steps to Perfection

1. shAktAbhiSheka 2. pUrNAbhiSheka 3. krama-dIkShAbhiSheka 4. sAmrAjyAbhiSheka 5. mahAsAmrAjyAbhiSheka 6. yoga-dIkShAbhiSheka 7. virAja-grahaNAbhiSheka 8. mahAsAmrAjya-medhAbhiSheka more »

Flavors of Advaita - 1

- by Dennis Waite The truth of advaita can only ever be one. The very meaning of the word advaita tells us that the purport of any teaching must be the same. Any difference lies solely in the way that this message is transmitted. And any method is vali… more »

Tranquility and Insight - 3

[Most Buddhist texts reject the different states of samAdhi including the nirvikalpa of the pAtanjala yoga and related darshanas as trance states of absorption and not mapping to true enlightenment. dhyAna, yoga, japa, prANAyAma, maNDala visualizations… more »


Sangitakalanidhi Padmavibhushan Smt. D K Pattammal patti is undoubtedly our most adored personality of Carnatic Music, closely followed by Sangitakalanidhi Sri Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer. We have had the privilege of being acquainted with both these grea… more »