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kodaNDa dIkShA-guruH

कोदण्डनिर्मुक्तशराग्रखण्डनं प्रचण्डव&#2367… more »

A Prayer

A young boy we knew went missing for the last couple days. Many of us were fond of the little guy and began to wonder where he went missing. His mother lived in her parental farm on the northern most tip of California and that was the only information w… more »

An Introduction to Agama and Tantra

- Dr. S Rangachar Often tantra shAstra is characterized as ‘prayoga shAstra’ - a spiritual technique, a religious technology, a ‘Do-it-yourself’ shAstra for the aspirants. tAntrikI shruti is called a siddhAnta Agama, a sAdhanA shAstra. Amarasimha says… more »

shrI kubjikA stavarAja

श्रीभैरव उवाच जय त्वं मालिनी देवी निर्मले… more »

mahAsudarshana vyUha

There are nine Supreme mantras of sudarshana, the chakrarAja of Lord shrImannArAyaNa. It is said that through the vyUha of sudarshana that we describe below, the core power of mahAsaMkarShaNa mUrti is invoked and prayogas including those of dhUmAvatI, b… more »

Stop Fussing over the Sufis please .....

The debate on the proposal to build a mosque at Ground Zero continues to hog the headlines but I took special notice of a certain point made by the Imam who thinks building the Mosque is necessary in order to prevent the enragement of the Radical Islami… more »


We happened to hear of an updated concert schedule from Gayatri. While those interested should check the Musical duo's website for exact dates and venues, here is a summary of what we heard from Gayatri. Sep 24 - New Jersey Sep 25 - Atlanta Oct 2 - L… more »

Miscellaneous Discourses on Buddhist Tantra

- Ringu Tulku Rinpoche Compassion and Practice of Tantra Somewhere in Tibet in a cave there was a very good lama in retreat. He was practicing, when suddenly something appeared in front of him. He saw it as a negative, obstructing spirit. So he tried… more »


ऊर्जितानन्दगहनां सर्वदेवस्वरूपिणीम् | प&#2… more »


का वल्लभा को वल्लभेश इति? सर्वलोकनायिका ब्… more »