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mAmavalokaya pankajalochana

Japa Samkhya

There are frequent queries regarding the purashcharaNa saMkhyA for mantras by many of our readers. Each mantra has it’s own specified minimum number but if the specific details are unknown, the following generic guideline from tantrarAja can be followed… more »

viTThala viTThala mAdhava mAdhava

Akhanda Mahayoga

- by Dr N H Chandrashekara Swami Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj-ji was a direct disciple of shrI svAmin vishuddhAnanda paramahamsa. Pt Kaviraj-ji's spiritual literature in Bengali and Hindi, particularly with reference to Tantra, is well known. Kaviraj-ji's t… more »

Mahamahopadhyaya Sri Gopinath Kaviraj

- Hugh Urban Two of the most important figures in the reimagining of Tantra were Bengali - Gopinath Kaviraj and Narendra Nath Bhattacharya, though, they arrived at very different interpretations of Tantra and its significance. While for Bhattacharya,… more »


नमः श्रीपुरभैरव्यै shrIvidyA parameshvarI is depicted as seated on pancha-pretas (or pancha-brahma) signifying her transcendence of these mUrti-s as w… more »

mAtrkA-bhairava dhyAnam

ब्रह्माणीं हंसयानां द्रुतकनकनिभामब्धि&#2357… more »

shAkta siddhAnta – 16

There is an order of progression in spiritual experience. svatantrAnanda in his mAtrkA-chakra-viveka points out that on the rise of pure knowledge, the knowables become one with the senses in consequence of which the knowables as such begin to disappear… more »

shrI paramahamsa guhAnandanAtha stutiH

श्रीराघवेन्द्राय वसिष्ठगीतं श्रीपाण्ड&#235… more »

Buddhist Influence on Medieval Vaishnavism in Orissa

- Prabhat Mukherjee Buddhism undoubtedly influenced the philosophy of the medieval vaiShNavism. The theory of piNDa-brahmANDa was partly adapted from the dehavAda of the Sahajiya Buddhists. The Buddha-within-the-body was adored by the Sahajiya Buddhis… more »