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kAraNaparachidrUpAyai namaH manonmanI is the great shakti of sadAshiva who represents the pITha of the linga and hence the inherent power of sadAshiva. She is not merely trikoNarUpinI, but is rather the bindu and represented at times as the parigraha-s… more »

AdyA stavarAja

शृणु वत्स प्रवक्ष्यामि आद्या स्तोत्रं मह&#2… more »

The Myth of the Foreign Origin of Tantra

- Bibhuti Baruah According to several scholars, Tantra was of foreign origin. H P Shastri believed that tantra came from outside India. Most probably it came with the Magi-priests of the Scythians. Bhattacharya opines that the introduction of Shakti wo… more »

Binati Suniye...Nath Hamari

B.R. Chopra's Mahabharat had some memorable tracks composed by Raj Kamal. Here are a few old favorites. Binati Suniye rendered by Sadhana Sargam is easily one of the best songs ever composed for an Indian TV show. Binati Suniye Govind Ghar… more »


अस्ति खलु सप्तसागर सप्तकुलाचल सप्तद्वीप&#23… more »


Over the last weekend, we had a well-known Dzogchen personality visiting my place and explaining before a small audience the aspects of convergence and divergence between Dzogchen-Atiyoga and Mahamudra. As has always been our practice, we started the se… more »


Mark Griffin is one of the few Western masters I deeply appreciate - for his scholastic and experiential attainments in Advaita, Kashmiri Shaivism and Tibetan Dzogchen & Mahamudra. He recently wrote the following about Mahashivaratri in his newslett… more »

Buddha’s association with Tantra

- N.K. Singh It may be noted that the Tantras themselves, whether Hindu or Buddhist, usually make no claim to historicity. They claim to be revelation and the Hindu Tantras are often equated with the Vedas. As regards the Buddhist Tantras, they are tra… more »

An Essay on Tantric Buddhism

- N.K. Singh Was Tantra originally Brahminical or Buddhist? Before we proceed further, the question whether or not Tantra was introduced in Buddhism as a result of the Brahminical influence may briefly be discussed. According to Austin Waddell Buddhist… more »

vaTuka mahAbhairava

Worship of any mahAvidyA is incomplete without the propitiation of vaTuka: the bhairava in the form of a brahmachArin youth. It is stated in skandayAmaLa that among the nine essentials for mantra-siddhi, guru, gaNapati and vaTuka are of primary importan… more »