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tripurA gAyatrI

Several tantras hold veda as the Supreme scripture and shun practices considered to be veda-bAhya. Such shrIkula tantras insist on adherence to the vedic framework such as the varNAshrama dharma, sandhyAvandana etc. tAntrikI sandhyA and worship of tripu… more »

Vatulagamokta Pancharudra Vidhi

अस्य श्रीसद्योजातरुद्र महामन्त्रस्य जा&#234… more »


At first, Mathur had been inclined to mistrust the BhairavI. Could such a beautiful woman really be as pure as she seemed? One day, when she was coming out of the Kali Temple, he asked her mockingly, “Well Bhairavi! Where is your Bhairava?’ Bhairava is… more »

Antiquity of vaiShNava Agama

- Vidwan Dr. Rangachar The vaiShNava Agamas glorify viShNu as the Supreme Being to the exclusion of other deities. They treat the Ultimate Reality as not mere viShNu but viShNu with shrI. While there are several names for viShNu, the use of the word ‘v… more »

Jwalamukhi Tripurasundari

The ancient shrine of Sri Jwalamukhi Tripurasundari is located at the foot of Chamundi hills in Mysore at a place called Uttanahalli. Amba here is considered as the chief Anga-devata of Sri Chamundeshvari. According to locals, the shrine is even older t… more »

hAdi chaitanya-brahmavidyA

परा या चिद्रूपा स्फुरितविभवान्तः स्मृतव&#23… more »


- Bokar rinpoche [Bokar Rinpoche from the Karma-Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, apart from being a master of various Siddhis that I have personally experienced, is also a great scholar and currently the chief lineage holder for the kAlacha… more »