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Sri Mahasudarshana Ashtottara Shatanama Stotram

सुदर्शनश्चक्रराजस्तेजोव्यूहो महाद्युत… more »

Govinda Damodara Madhaveti

जिह्वे सदैव भज सुन्दराणि नामानि कृष्णस्य… more »

Devi Hrdaya Vidya

चतुर्दशयुतं भद्रे तिथीशान्तसमन्वितम् | त&#… more »

Kashmir Shaivism - A Brief Introduction

- shrI B N Pandit India has been the most ancient home of spiritual philosophy. Even the most antique pre-Aryan civilization of Western India must have been rich in such philosophy, because the remains of that civilization, unearthed in many places lik… more »

shAstra jnAna

Three weeks ago, I presided over the pUrNABhiSheka of a gentleman in the Bay Area. While I have performed and witnessed several homas, navAvaraNAdi pUjas etc. in US, this was the first time I ever heard of a pUrNA-dIkShA ceremony and my curiosity peaked… more »


There were some queries about Anava-upAya as it was not covered in the article by shrI parameshvarAnanda posted yesterday. Here is a quick round up on that topic from what comes to the top of my mind at this time. aNu refers to an atom or a cell and i… more »

Shakta Yoga and the Twelve Kalis

- shrI parameshvarAnanda Practitioners who are unable to grasp the subtleties of shAmbhavopAya and progress with this method, should then turn to the next lower stage - that of shAkta yoga, the yoga of self-contemplation. In this practice, one uses the… more »

Shiva Shiva ...

hemAvatI was a Kannada movie based on the award-winning work of shrI Gorur Ramaswamy Iyengar. This song was composed by L Vaidyanathan and rendered by the incomparable Smt. S Janaki. Here, rAgas Todi and Abhogi alternate between every line of the song,… more »

Tantra: Classification Schemes

- Astika and nAstika (bauddha and jaina) - Agama and nigama (based on the method of revelation) - shAkta, shaiva, gANapatya, vaiShNava and saura (based on the predominance of deity) - tantra, Agama and samhitA (based on structure) or alternately as A… more »

DevatA anugraha

Last weekend, I heard from Ravi that a young man who was active on various web forums including ours, committed suicide by jumping off the balcony of his home. From a little of what I knew of him, he seemed utterly confused, directionless and living in… more »