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Many thanks to a host of our readers and Kamamkoti Mandali-family for the good wishes sent. By the grace of vAnaranikarAdhyakSha, all is well :) This weekend, we had a very interesting visitor. He is a young chap, a great psionic mage who is also an am… more »


अनभ्यर्च्य गणेशानं त्रिपुरेण सदाशिवः | प्&… more »


ॐ नमो भगवते तुभ्यं वासुदेवाय धीमहि | प्रद्&#235… more »

Question & Answer

Most tantras occur in the form of question and answer between shiva and shakti. Shakti is the questioner and shiva responds. At the empirical level or the level of duality, the questioner is separate from the one who responds. Also, question and answer… more »

shrIvarAha mantra nirUpaNam

श्रीसूत उवाच शृणुध्वं मुनयः सर्वे कथाम्प&#… more »

Evil Dead

Lately, I have begun to stay updated on the Political scene in India after the Anna and Ramdev campaigns. And my chief source is internet and its very many streaming Indian news channels. In the last two days, any channel I look at is filled with news a… more »


Specific breathing techniques are adopted in the nATya shAstra to emote the navarasa-s or the nine primary emotions. These also indicate the association of breath and emotion and an experiential understanding of this map is invaluable to identify, liber… more »


This krti is from Saint Tyagaraja's prahlAda bhakti-vijayam. Supreme Lord shrI nrsimha, after slaying hiraNyakashipu, offers various kinds of boons to bhAgavatottama prahlAda. prahlAda firmly and humbly refuses all of them and chooses niShkAma bhakti at… more »

The Treatise on Vajrayogini by the Second Dalai Lama

- Translated by Glenn H Mullin “This instruction was originally given to Padampa Sangyey by Vajrayogini herself. Padampa Sangyey accomplished the training and by means of it lived for 572 years and achieved full realization. From then until now no brea… more »

GrahasamkShobhaNa Chakra

श्यामां तामरसारुणत्रिनयनां सोमार्धचूड&#2366… more »