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Avataras in Buddhism

- P Roy After death of the Buddha, many ideas and beliefs of Hinduism were being modified by Buddhism outside the Buddhist organization, where within the organization, Buddhism itself was being slowly transformed. Buddhism grew and flourished inside th… more »


अङ्गेष्वानन्दमुख्यश्रुतिशिखरमिलद्दण्&… more »

parAdvaita - 1

- Sri Swami Parameshvarananda While monism is one of the central principles of Indian philosophies, it is interpreted differently by philosophers from various schools. The most popular school of monism is the Advaita Vedanta of Shankaracharya. However,… more »


During shrAvaNa, on a particular day, pUrNAbhiShikta shrIvidyopAsaka worships mahAchaNDikA to earn freedom from tApatraya so as to immerse himself completely in the pursuit of brahmajnAna as personified by mahAtripurasundarI parAbhaTTArikA. The procedur… more »


- Frederick M Smith Assuming the centrality of a statement in a kApAlika text, representing a sect of cremation ground ritual (smashAna sAdhana) specialists in which possession must have been prominent, both the dualistic shaiva siddhAnta (saiddhAntika… more »

kAyau shrIgaurI

The glorious Anthem of the erstwhile Kingdom of Mysore A brilliant composition of shrI Jayachamaraja Wodeyar more »


- James Swartz Mystics have proclaimed the oneness of all things for thousands of years. The Science of Self Inquiry that culminated in the teachings of Adi Shankara in the Eighth Century has had a profound effect on Eastern religion and spirituality.… more »


Lataji sings an exquisite melody in Kannada. more »


वन्दे वरप्रद महावरदानगर्व- लङ्काधिनाथकु&#2… more »

Shurangama Mantra

By examining the sitAtapatrA pratya~NgirA dhAraNI famous for the Shurangama mantra, one can easily note the anti-shaivite tone of this dhAraNI. This throws light on the period of its composition, social and religions influence of those times and the nAs… more »