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- shrI Devavrata Sen Sharma According to the trika system, all sAdhakas who have attained the knowledge of their Essence and have had the self-experience of aham, do not necessarily become disembodied immediately with the achievement of such knowledge.… more »


स्वानन्दामृतसेकैरान्तरसन्तापसन्ततिं श… more »

Tantra Shastra

- Dr Kamalakara Mishra A misconception, prevalent even among scholars, is that the Vedic tradition alone forms the basic trend of Indian culture, the Tantric tradition being a side current or even a perversion. This is a colossal misunderstanding. The… more »

shrI venkatagirIshamAlokaye

श्रीवेङ्कटगिरीशमालोकये | विनायकतुरगारू&#23… more »


Krshnam vande Jagadgurum

मदशिखण्डिशिखण्डविभूषणं मदनमन्थरमुग्ध&#2350… more »

Raseshvara Marga - 1

- Swami Parameshvarananda Raseshvara mArga is more a science than a School of Philosophy. It does not propound any new metaphysical, ethical or epistemic theory. But still it is included amongst the systems of philosophy, even by such a great authority… more »

Sri Subrahmanya Gadyam

पुरहरनन्दन रिपुकुलभञ्जन दिनकरकोटिरूप प&#235… more »

Sri Garbharakshambika Stotram

श्रीमाधवी काननस्थे गर्भरक्षाम्बिके पाह&#23… more »

parAdvaita - 2

Abhinavagupta uses a special type of logical reasoning that he calls sattarka. All prevalent logic (tarka) is based on those conventions that have evolved out of the mundane experiences of people working within the usual confines of the mind and emotion… more »