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Sriyantra in the Alvord Desert

- by Jeane Manning The mystery in the Alvord desert hit TV newscasts years ago, but the story behind it contains ideas whose time may have come. Since ancient times, art has been a doorway to other levels of life. Could art now assist us toward a more… more »


There were some questions from Sri Sridhar on the construction of Srichakra and here is a selection from an older article on our website. sauvarNe rAjate tAmre sphATike vaidrume tathA || [Rudrayamala Tantra] The shrIchakra is to be made using any of t… more »

PuruShottama kShetra as a shakti pITha

-Prabhas Kumar JagannAtha purI or PuruShottama kShetra has a great antiquarian value in art, architecture, literature, religion and tradition. For centuries, it has been the principal religious center of the Hindus – one among the four dhAms of Hinduis… more »

VaradarAjastava of shrI Appayya DIkShita - 2

मातङ्गशैलमणिशृङ्गमहाविमान- सोपानपर्वच&#234… more »


VaradarAjastava of shrI Appayya DIkShita

Lord VeNugopAla, whose pratiShThApana will happen in the shrine of hastigirIsha shrI varadarAja of kAnchIpuram, visited our Mandali to bless us all. The shrIvigraha of the Lord was taken to the shrines of shrI MUkAmbikA at Kollur and Udupi shrI KrShNa a… more »

Abhinavagupta on jnAna-karma-samucchayavAda

According to advaita vedAnta, action (kriyA) is a sign of imperfection and therefore cannot be present in the highest reality. Living beings, lacking perfection, perform action only when they have a need to gain or accomplish something. However, the lac… more »

shuddha and shuddhAshuddha

shuddhAshuddhaphalA mantrAstathA tUbhayasaMj~nakAH | subhagAyA bhavantyeva tadevAtha nigadyate || The mantra of mahAtripurasundarI (here indicated by the word subhagA, indicating hAdi lopAmudrA specifically, which is considered the more ancient of the… more »

Acharya AmritavAgbhava - 2

Another new and very important contribution to the method of the expression of the fundamental character of the Absolute by the AchArya is his method of philosophical explanation of some mutually controversial phenomena with the help of the two principl… more »

bhagavAn garuDa

स्वस्तिको दक्षिणं पादं वामपादं तु कुञ्चि&#2… more »