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BrahmAstra-vidyA BagalAmukhI

On the glorious path of shrIkrama tantra, five vidyAs are considered primary among the three hundred and sixty rashmis of mahAnirvANasundarI, and even among the ten mahAvidyA-s. They are: हादि योगान… more »

The Tantric Theology of Revelation

- Gavin D. Flood While texts of primary revelation, the Tantras, are mostly concerned with cosmology and ritual and not explicitly with philosophical argument, tantric theology, such as the recognition school (pratyabhijnA), tried to maintain the unive… more »

Vaikuntha Bhattaraka

On a sacred day this month, upAsakAs of shrIkula from the krama lineage worship the auspicious form of shrImannArAyaNa named vaikuNTha bhaTTAraka. The Lord, also known as vaikuNTha chaturmukha, vaikuNTha turIya and chaturmUrti viShNu, is resplendent wit… more »

Narayan Maharaj

Chandrasena Jadhav was blessed by his guru shrI bhAskararAya that his pregnant wife would have a son. The king then traveled to Bhalki to see a siddha named nArAyaNa and questioned him regarding the gender of his unborn child. The siddha immediately rep… more »

The Six Breaths of Daoist Alchemy

1. Si, a gentle, relaxed exhalation that lets the breath escape between slightly opened lips; it is associated with the lungs. 2. He, a strong breath with open mouth accompanied by a guttural rasping through tightening of the throat at the base of the… more »

Srividya Laghu AvaraNa krama

akAra - kAdividyA kUTa - sR^iShTi krama 1. siddhalakShmI 2. siddhikarAlI (bharatopAsitA guhyakAlI) 3. siddhikarAlikA (rAmopAsitA guhyakAlI) 4. siddhachaNDakapAlinI 5. kAmakalA guhyakAlI - [uttarAmnAya - vishuddhi chakra - DAkinI] 6. unmanI 7. p… more »

Shilpi Siddhalinga Swamy

Sri Siddhalinga Swamy was one of the most famous sculptors of twentieth century. A great Srividya Upasaka, he was the Guru of Sri Jayachamaraja Wodeyar, the ruler of Mysore. He initiated the pious king into Srividya with the dIkShA name chitprabhAnandan… more »

Siddha Bhuvaneshvari

Several years ago, on this day, during mUlA nakShatra, H H shrI Shantananda Saraswati Mahaswamigal of Pudukkottai blessed me with the upadesha of Siddha Bhuvaneshvari (and Skanda) mahAmantra. Blessing of this great Avadhuta continues to grace me today i… more »

ShivakAmeshvarIM chintaye

Agamic Tradition of Kashmir - 2

The SvacChanda Tantra is a very reliable source about the feudal tendencies of the period. The gurus are to be rewarded with the gifts of land in proportion to the means of the sAdhakas, which suggests that the AchAryas had a rich clientele of landlords… more »