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Kamakshi Navavarana Krtis of Oothukadu Venkata Kavi

भजस्व श्रीत्रिपुरसुन्दरि | पाहि षोडशदल सर&… more »

The Song of Bhairava

झण्टुं झण्टुम् | खट्वाङ्गधरम् || दंष्ट्राक&#2352… more »


While we are all used to the popular rendition of this Krti by M S Amma, Sangitakalanidhi Sri Palghat K V Narayanaswamy presents before us a new dimension of this previous gem. After GNB, KVN perhaps is our most admired musician. There seems to be no ot… more »

Acharya Shankara and Tantra Shastra

The question of whether AchArya Shankara BhagavatpAda was associated with shAkta tantra, or even tantra, is oft discussed. There are arguments both for and against such an assumption. The three works associated with tantra that are ascribed to AchArya… more »


shrImAtre namaH We rarely check personal emails received through our website for various reasons. Sheer number is the primary reason, and mediocrity of the received emails is a close second. Then there is the third category of some famous online player… more »

Mantrasiddhipara Mahadurga Ashtottara Shatanama Stotram

Mahadurga Ashtottara Shatanama Stotra has been uploaded to our Stotra collection. namaH shrIpurabhairavyai more »


एकेन चक्रमपरेण करेण शङ्खं अन्येन सिन्धुत&#… more »

GajAmbA nAyako rakShatu

गजाम्बा नायको रक्षतु | गुणिजनादिपूजितः सत&… more »

Agamic Tradition of Kashmir - 3

The Shiva Sutras, described as Shivarahasya Agama, form a very important source for the study of social ideas and institutions, for it is the basis of the commentaries written by BhAskara, KShemarAja, VaradarAja, etc., which were widely read and studied… more »

Nayaki Kanada