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Nandikeshvara Kashika

श्रीनीलताराधिपतये नमः Nandikeśvara kāśikā, composed of twenty-seven verses, is one of the earliest independent w… more »

Durvāsā jayati deśikaḥ prathamaḥ

Among the great teachers of śākta and śaiva darśana, sage Durvasa finds special mention along with Lopāmudrā, Agastya, Dattātreya and Paraśurāma. Sri Durvasa is the praśiṣya of Lord Svacchandabhair… more »


VaradarAjastava of shrI Appayya DIkShita - 10

आमोदकान्तिभृदहर्निशमेकरूप- मासेवितं द्&#23… more »

Buddhist Concept of Mantra

- Jamgön Mipham Essence Concerning the essence of mantra, the Tantra of the Secret Essence states: A itself appears in manifold forms, as KA and the rest of the forty-two letters. The names of these sounds are all-inclusive; And are themselves s… more »



Agni samskāra is an important part of tāntrikī prakriyā and derives inspiration from the vedic yajna. But it would be incorrect to assume complete similarity. Most Indic spirituality can be described as Fire (Sun) based, as it is bas… more »

Pancamahāyudha Stotram

स्फुरत्सहस्रारशिखातितीव्रं सुदर्शनं भ&#2366… more »


The deity cāmuṇḍā is today popularly associated with aṣṭādaśabhujī durgā of saptaśatī. However, it must be noted that even before the popularity of saptaśatī and navākṣ… more »

Subrahmaṇya Kavacam

Subrahmanya Kavacham has been uploaded to our Stotra page. namaH shivAbhyAm more »