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Na Guroradhikam na Guroradhikam

ज्ञानात्मानं परमात्मानं दानं ध्यानं योग&#2… more »

The eight attendants of JagannAtha

The maNDala krama of jagannAtha begins with the worship of the eight guardians of the directions (aShTadikpAlakas) along with their weapons: 1. Indra - vajra 2. Agni - shakti 3. Yama - daNDa 4. NirR^iti - khaDga 5. VaruNa - pAsha 6. VAyu - a~Nkush… more »

Tantra and Bhakti

We had a question on whether Bhakti is useless in Tantra Upasana? I am very sure that I have, at no point, made any point suggesting the insignificance or irrelevance of Bhakti in upAsanA. In fact, if one looks at our relatively large archive, there a… more »

BhUtanAtha tarpaNam

मध्याह्णे सक्तु दत्वास्मै पुनरञ्जलिना ज&#23… more »


शक्तिगणपतिं भजेऽहं सर्वसौभाग्यप्रदम् | र&#… more »

Palinchu Kamakshi


The yoni mudrA (finger gesture) is of great importance in the worship of mahAtripurasundarI and is used for every purpose starting with invocation of the deity to removing flaws in the mantra japa. It is said to be of eight types. 1. The first type is… more »

Mantramārga and Mantrayāna

- Christopher D Wallis Tantric Buddhism and Tantric Śaivism are conterminous, coeval, and co-functional. In fact, I believe the evidence supports the notion that they are co-functional and conterminous to the same degree as Tantric Śaivism is… more »

Sri Svacchanda Bhairava

त्रिपञ्चनयनं देवं जटामुकुटमण्डितम् | चन्&#… more »

Types of ShrIchakra

[Question] What are the eighteen types of Srichakras? When we say ‘type’ it needs to be understood here that among the various classification schemes of Srichakra, the below one, probably the most popular, is based on prastAra-bheda. The following cl… more »