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Amogha Vaishnava Kavacha Stotram

महेश्वर उवाच प्रणम्याजरमीशानमजं नित्यम&#23… more »

Skanda Stotram

पुरा रथन्तरे कल्पे वामदेवो महामुनिः | गर्भ… more »

Panchanguli Yantra

Panchamnaya Tara Krama

The pancāvaraṇa krama of tārā mahāvidyā spans across the five āmnāyas. This krama is not followed by those who approach this mahāvidyā through cīna, mahācīna and other kramas. This vidhi… more »



A rare Nepalese idol of the yāmala of śrīkaṇṭhanātha and kāmakalā. śrīkaṇṭha bears three eyes that signify sūrya, chandra and agni. He sports ardhacandra in his matted lock and shows f… more »

The Significance of Mudra

- Jamgön Mipham The Tantra of the Secret Essence states: Completely perfect through the magical net, Everything is sealed with supreme enlightenment. As the secret reality ascertained,
 The seal of the essence is difficult to transgress.… more »

Sri Shivakamasundaryashtakam

पुण्डरीकपुरमध्यवासिनीं नृत्तराजसहधर्म… more »

You Hid from Me

Playfully, you hid from me. All day I looked. Then I discovered I was you, and the celebration of That began. - Lalleshwari (Lal Ded) more »

An interview with a Taoist Master

Having had the privilege of studying with some of the most illustrious teachers of internal Taoist arts (such as Zhixing and Zendi Wang, Wang Liping, Max Christensen, Chunyi Lin, Damaris Jarboux, Ou Wen Wei etc.), it is easy to recognize Dr. Jerry Alan… more »