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A Tale of Abuse

[Ms Aarthi Rao also has a blog. As human beings, it is our responsibility to voice support to this brave young woman] An account by Smt Aarthi Rao: "Nithyananda has leveled various allegations against me. When I hear them, I am both amused and pa… more »

Ashtamukha Gandabherunda Mahanrsimha

One of our readers sent us this beautiful picture of Aṣṭamukha Gaṇḍabheruṇḍa Nṛsiṃha, and this is of very special significance to us as yesterday marks the completion of ekādaśa sahasra japa and… more »

The Jaina Pantheon of Deities - 1

- Umakant Shah According to Jainism, the shape of the Cosmos is fixed and unchangeable. Fourteen rajjus in height, it is not uniform in breadth; broadest at the bottom, narrowest at the center, broader still above and at the top narrower again. The sha… more »

Venkata Narasimha

फालनेत्रानल-प्रबलविद्युल्लता-केळीविहा&#2352… more »


Aileen today asked me some doubts about the svarūpa of kātyāyanī as mahiṣamardinī as suggested in an earlier article. According to tāntric lore, Mahiṣāsura first took birth in Raṃbhakalpa as the son… more »