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Arya-TArA SragdhArA Stotram of Sarvajnamitra - 4

भर्तृभ्रूभेदभीतोद्भटकटकभटाकृष्टदुःश्&… more »

An Appeal

It was brought to our notice that some of our readers have taken material from our website and reproduced it on other avenues without any mention of the original source. Example 1: An article published in a Kashmiri Shaivite magazine Praznath - 'A lo… more »

Panchavarana Shiva Mahastotram

Panchavarana Shiva Mahastotra, like the Vyapohana Stava, is one of the most important Stotras of Siddhanta Tantra. This Hymn has been uploaded to our Stotras page. NamaH ShivAbhyAm more »

Laghu Shyamala

सर्वशृङ्गारवेषाढ्यां तुङ्गपीनपयोधराम्… more »

Kashmir Shaivism and Dzogchen

- John Myrdhin Reynolds The title of the Tantra, the Sanskrit original for Byang-chub kyi sems kun-byed rgyal-po, is given as Bodhichitta-kulayaraja. Bodhichitta, as we have repeatedly said, in the context of Dzogchen means the Primordial State, and th… more »

Shankara Stuti

विश्वोद्भवस्थितिलयादिषु हेतुमेकं गौरी&#234… more »

Arya-TArA SragdhArA Stotram of Sarvajnamitra - 3

धूमभ्रान्ताभ्रगर्भोद्भवगमनगृहोत्सङ्ग&… more »

The New Age Movement

The Shadow of our Downfall (from a practicing Druid Occultist) more »