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Listening to Life: The Journey of Raga

Listening to Life: The Journey of Raga more »

The "Hindu" Buddha

- John Holt Hindu views of the Buddha and Buddhism have not been constant, nor have they been consistent. Indeed, it is quite artificial to speak of a Hindu view per se, because determining exactly what is “Hindu”, in the first place, would be inherent… more »


Sri Ramachandraya Mangalam

मङ्गलं भगवान्विष्णुर्मङ्गलं मधुसूदनः | म&#… more »


Today, in a weekly discussion group that discusses Tantrāloka, one of my dear friends had several questions about the great Mahāvidyā with severed head, Chinnamastā. Originally from Dharamshala, her family deity was Chinnamastā… more »