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Parashurama Kalpasutra - 6

Instead of ecstasy and frenzy, in the PKS we find excess control by aesthetic and gnostifying cognitive attracters, cultivated behavior and most of all strict ritual and rule governance. But the difference from the Kularnava is only one of degree (alcoh… more »

Srichakra – Dakshinamurti and Anandabhairava mata

चत्वारि शिवचक्राणि शक्तिचक्राणि पञ्च च | भ… more »


We had a question about Nīlasarasvatī and her association with Tārā. As far as Tantras of Hindu āstika orientation are concerned, Nīlarasvatī is a form of Tārā and non-different from her. Bṛhannī… more »

Sri Jagannatha

भुजे सव्ये वेणुं शिरसि शिखिपिञ्छं कटितटे… more »

Gaudapada, Sankara and Buddhism

- Excerpts from An Evaluation of the Vedāntic Critique of Buddhism by Gregory Joseph Darling There is some evidence that the Gauḍapāda-kārikās, on which there is a commentary said to be written by śaṅkara, reveal st… more »

Yoganidra Vishnumaya

विश्वेश्वरीं जगद्धात्रीं स्थितिसंहारक&#2366… more »