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Prasthanabheda of Sri Madhusudana Sarasvati

Comparison of Advaita Vedanta with Kashmir Shaivism

- Dr. Jaidev Singh The Advaita Vedānta philosophy is generally known as śāntabrahmavāda or Kevalādvaita. The philosophy of Kashmir is known as īśvarādvayavāda or Pratyabhijñā or Trika. The Nature of A… more »

Shaktipata Vedha Diksha

- Sri Swami Lakshman Joo मन्त्रवेधं तु नादाख्यं बिन्दुवेधमतः… more »

Worship of Bhairava

The tithi of āśvina kṛṣṇa caturdaśī is very auspicious for the worship of Lord Bhairava. This follows Navarātrotsava and the propitiation of Parāmbā is considered complete only after the worship of Bh… more »


अष्टाङ्घ्रिश्च सहस्रबाहुरनलच्छायः शिर&#2379… more »

A few things .... (an old post)

There is a large backlog of emails received through this website that I need to read and possibly respond. With a busy schedule and engagements of various kinds – spiritual or otherwise, it has been difficult to accomplish this task. Ravi and Eileen sca… more »

Lalita Navaratnamala