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Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery

The entire book can be read here. Interestingly, the book is authored by a Moslem, M A Khan. more »

Jai Hanuman

The Ten Shaiva Darshanas

There seemed to be several queries from our readers which assumed śaiva darśana to be either Advaita (like in Kashmir Shaivism) or Dvaita (like in Siddhānta śaiva). This would be an opinion devoid of nuance. Truly dualistic (dvaita… more »

Lilavada vs Mayavada

- Sri Kamalakar Mishra It is the principle of Kriyā which explains the manifestation of śiva on the form of the world. Out of the joy of śiva the creative activity of world-manifestation takes place. The creation, therefore, is taken to… more »

Kolhapur Sri Mahalakshmi

The first rays of sun touching the lotus feet of the Divine Mother more »

Murtis of Vasudeva

Last weekend, I happened to speak at a Dzogchen gathering (from the perspective of Monistic Tantra) held to welcome a visiting Lama. One of the other speakers was a well-known Vedāntin who spent more time talking about the uselessness of “idolatry”… more »


Padmāvatī is one of the most popular Jain goddesses propitiated with great efficacy by Jaina mantravādins. She is contemplated upon as bearing in her hands pāśa, phala, vara and aṅkuśa, seated on padmāsana and of… more »


नानाभा हेमवस्त्रा नररुधिरवसामांसनिर्भ&#2367… more »

Krama Diksha Vidhi and Amnaya Krama for Mahavidya Bagalamukhi

The procedure for the Krama Dīkṣā of Mahāvidyā Bagalāmukhī involves the sequential initiation into following mantras: 1. ṣaṭtriṃśadakṣarī Mūlavidyā 2. Haridrā Ga&#775… more »

Mantra, Rituals and Consciousness

- Boris Marjanovic The procedure of śāktopāya of which Mantra is the main means, is to purify thought-constructs and then by creating a series of pure vikalpas by the contact with śuddhavidyā, they finally become transformed in… more »