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Narasimha Stuti

Vaidya Narayana Kavacha

हरिरुवाच सर्वव्याधिहरं वक्ष्ये वैष्णवं &#2… more »

Compound/Combinational Mantras

There are several mantras which are combinations of the mantras of two deities. Some examples of three popular such deities used in our lineage: Rājagopāla, Sharabheśvara and Nṛsiṃha. Rājagopāla: - Gopālasund… more »

Dattatreya Mantratmaka Shloka

Like in the case of Kārtavīryārjuna, there are some verses associated with Lord Datātreya that are considered to be potent in removal of afflictions such as poverty, disease, dangers, misery, lack of progeny etc. Each of these can be… more »

Bhakti in Pratyabhijna

A question that is frequently asked: if the paśu or jīva is one with śiva, is it possible to talk meaningfully of Bhakti which presupposes difference or duality between the Bhakti and the Bhagavān? The answer is: Yes. So long as the… more »

New Year 2014

श्रीनीलताराधिपाय नमः | नमामि सद्गुरुं शान&… more »