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Jaya Janakiramana

जय जानकीरमण जय विभीषणशरण | जय सरोरुहचरण जय &#234… more »

Pious Plagarism of Buddhist Tantras

- Elizabeth English A formative influence upon the Vajrayoginī cult was that of non-dual Shaivism. Pioneering research in this area by Sanderson has shown that the highest Buddhist Tantras to be startlingly reliant upon non-dual Shaiva sources; so… more »

Kurukulla the Buddhist Goddess

- Miranda Shaw Just as the practices of Kurukullā have roots in Indian love magic (mohana, vaśīkaraṇa), her attributes reflect the influence of deities associated with the broader Indic tradition. She shares several striking simila… more »

Sri Ganeshatparam nahi re re

The Cult of Tara

- N N Bhattacharya H P Shastri observes that many of the rituals of the goddess Tārā which were known as Cīnācāra were of Chinese origin. Sylvian Levi also holds, on the authority of the Tārā Tantra that the worship o… more »

Mahishamardini Gadyam

देवा ऊचुः - जय जय नगराजकुलोत्तारिणि कचकुचग… more »

Shiva Chidrashmimala

In śrīvidyā, contemplation on the chief emanations of Lalitā is done through the recitation of Raśmimālā. This string of mantras is revealed in Paraśurāma Kalpasūtra. A much longer version of the same is… more »

Sins and Sinners: Perspectives from Asian Religions

We were just pointed out that this book refers to our blog quite a bit and does a case study out of it. We have only read excerpts of it, but if anyone who has read it wants to write a review, let us know. Namaste more »

Bhoga, Moksha and Jivanmukti in Tantra

- Sri Kamalakara Mishra The philosophic position of a system has its bearing upon the religious side. The philosophic difference between the Advaitin and the Tantric reflects itself in the difference regarding their religious and cultural attitude. Sin… more »

Ahimsa and Vegetarianism in Kashmir Shaivism

- Anushil Munshi From the time he was a young boy, Swami Lakshman Joo was opposed to eating meat. Once his mother tricked him by telling him that meat came from trees. Even then he rejected it. She was worried about him, like so many Kashmiri Brahmins,… more »