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Karaikudi Bani

While Tanjore and Mysore Banis are famous amongst Vainikas, Karaikudi Bani has its own uniqueness characterized by amazing tonal quality and assertive mettus. more »

Sardha Navachandi Vidhi

Kātyāyanyai namaḥ By conducting the pārāyaṇa of Sārdha Navacaṇḍī, one can be relieved from the greatest of calamities and diseases. It also results in all round prosperity and happiness. The proced… more »

Muthaiah Bhagavatar

A very rare recording of Sri Muthaiah Bhagavatar more »

Miyan ki Malhar

Vishvottirna Vishvamayi

[Excerpts from a 4-part talk by Sri Harshaji at Berkeley last month. I have captured the details to the best of my ability, I seek pardon of Guru and Vidvajjana for omissions and mistakes - Aileen] Today, a dear friend and a profound scholar of Keval&#… more »

Sharada Sarada

सर्वदा सर्वदा शारदा सारदा या विपत्पारदा स&… more »