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Mahamahopadhyaya Sri Hanagal Virupaksha Shastri

Dr. D V Gundappa (DVG) was a well-known writer and a Vedāntin from Karnataka who won several awards such as the Padmabhushan and Sahitya Academy awards. He was a student of our Paramaguru Sri Vidyābhinava Vālukeśvara Bhārat&#299… more »


सर्वाननशिरोग्रीवा सर्वभूतगुहाशया | सर्व&#2… more »

RANAyanIya shAkhA of sAmaveda

One should look at the ojas exhibited by Sri Prakasha Bhatta! I am sure those who can look at the energy of this great scholar will readily observe the extraordinary ojas exhibited by him. We were quite surprised to notice how strong and refined his ene… more »