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Shirdi Sai Baba - The 'Hinduization' of a Moslem Fakir

- Kevin Shepherd Shirdi Sai Baba was an Urdu-speaker. He adapted to Marathi, but his basic linguistic and cultural affiliations reveal him as a Muslim, and more specifically as a Sufi of the liberal and unorthodox variety. One of his early Muslim dis… more »

Nilataradhipataye Namah

Shadanvaya Shambhava Krama of Pashchimamnaya

Srī Shaṅkara Bhavatpāda, in his Saundaryalaharī, espouses the advanced practice of Shaḍanvaya Shāmbhava Krama through the verse (14): kṣitau ṣaṭ pañcāśat: क्षित&#… more »

Mantragarbha Bhadrakali Dhyanam

डिम्भं डिम्भं सुडिम्भं पच मन दुहसां झ प्रक&… more »

Worship of Durga in Srividya

There was a question on the relevance of worship of Durgā within the precincts of Srīvidyā. I asked our Guru and he mentioned a few things of which I could capture a few below – Aileen 1. Durgā is one of the chief dvāradevat&#… more »

Blasphemy is ok when its against Hindu gods

Teesta Setalvad, one of the most "popular" Sickularists in our homeland of India, and hence the darling of our mainstream sickular media, has made a living for a decade now running shop on Gujrat riots of 2002. Her only activism has been against RSS and… more »


Dakshinamurti Stotram

A friend associated with Vedānta Bhāratī of Yedathore Mutt (a branch Mutt of Sringeri), informed us that they now have a Youtube channel and requested we share information about a series on Sri Dakṣiṇāmūrti Stora of… more »

Sri Varalakshmi Namastubhyam