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Shubha Navaratri

दुर्गां शिवां शान्तिकरीं ब्रह्माणीं ब्र&#23… more »

Sufism - The Real and Violent History

Last weekend, I was speaking at a university on the comparative aspects of Kashmir Shaivism and Dzogchen. I was having a leisurely chat with one of the visiting Lamas, who I have had the privilege to study with, and we ventured towards discussing ISIS a… more »


सञ्चरदधरसुधामधुरध्वनिमुखरितमोहनवंशम्… more »

Examining the Guru

These days, it is the unfortunate truth that a lot of deceit happens in the name of Spirituality, especially Tantra. The seat of Guru is oft abused by those in pursuit of money, fame, pleasures etc. A true Guru should not only have a strong footing of t… more »

The Tantras of Guhyakali

In Tantra, the various Mantras from the five, six or ten āmnāyas are considered to originate from the different faces of Paramashiva. In general, the six faces of Paramashiva and the corresponding āmnāyas that originate from those… more »

Kadi - Hadi - Sadi Amnaya Krama

Vaṭuka-mata Pūrvāmnāya gāyatrī, aindrī, sauravidyā, brahmavidyā, turīyā gāyatrī, cakṣuṣmatī, gandharvarāja, paṭhiṣad rudra, jalāpacchamanī t&… more »

Kundalini Yoga of the Tantra

- Dr. Motilal Pandit The Preliminary Steps Whatever the philosophical orientation of a Yogic school may be, the cultivation of the preliminary steps, as envisaged by the classical Yoga School of Patanjali, constitutes the basic foundation of every kin… more »


An alternate version from Balamuralikrishna can be heard here more »