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दूर्वाश्यामं महोग्रं स्फुटजलदधरं सूर्य&#233… more »


उमा कामा चार्वङ्गी टङ्कधारिणी तारा पार्व&#2… more »

Akhanda Mahayoga of Mahamahopadhyaya Gopinath Kaviraja

- Manoranjan Basu What is Yoga? What is the secret of the great power which is universally attributed to it? What are the natural stages through which the life of a yogin must, of necessity pass, before it can attain to consummation and realize its com… more »

Throat Singing

Raga Durga

Women and Sannyasa: Two Anecdotes

The below excerpts are from Sri Harshaji’s talk at a private gathering in Berlin last month - Aileen We started talking about Tīvra-Madhya Shaktipāta, and then Shen-Gong and Fa-Shen and now seem to have gotten into discussing women and sanny… more »

Dzogchen: Attainments of Fruition at Death

Generally, life is a chain of births and deaths since every moment of life is the birth of a new moment and the death of a preceding moment. But conventionally, birth relates to the beginning of life and death to its end. As we have already taken birth… more »


Khagendramaṇidarpaṇa is a medieval work in Kannada on Viṣaśāstra (Toxicology), dealing with various kinds of poisons and their treatment. The author of this work is a Jaina Mantravādin named Maṅgarāja, known t… more »