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Siddhas who are familiar with the secrets of upāsanā of Bhagavatī Durgā, point out the presence of navārṇa in two places within the Durgā Saptaśatī. The name Chāmunḍā is of great significan… more »

Advaita Vedanta and Kashmir Shaivism

- Nṛsiṃhacaraṇa Paṇḍā Gauḍapāda holds that the world-appearance is due to the vibration of prāṇa or chitta or vijñāna. Shabdabrahman is a synonym of Prakṛti or Māyā. The con… more »


There were several queries received about Pūrṇadīkṣā and there is no one standard answer for them really. Every Guru Sampradāya has its own technicalities and peculiarities derived from different pramāṇa granth… more »


Yochana Kamalalochana

Ardhanarishvara Stotram

ब्रह्मोवाच जय देव महादेव जयेश्वर महेश्वर |… more »

The System of Indian Classical Music

Trika Yoga

- M M Balajinnatha Pandita Kashmir Shaivism recognizes several systems of practice resulting in the liberation of a being. The Shaiva āgamas count the main paths of such practice in an order of higher merit as those of Vedācāra, Shaiv&#2… more »

Rajarajeshvari Kali

ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं क्रीं हूं ह्रीं कामकलाकालि &… more »