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Shivakamasundari Ashtakam

पुण्डरीकपुरमध्यवासिनीं नृत्तराजसहधर्&#2350… more »

Understanding Death

Tutelary Avaranas worshiped in Srichakra

In our lineage, Srīcakrārcana involves āvaraṇa pūjā for various other deities. After the completion of the first half of Srīkrama, one begins with Caturāvṛtti tarpaṇa of Mahāgaṇapati, fol… more »

Manidvipa Sandarshanam

Navapashanam and Rasamani

Interestingly there is a case study where a group of scientists examined a supposed Navapashana statue, which can be accessed here. more »