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Guru, Diksha, Mantra and Symbolism

- Gavin Flood Shared realities, which at the higher levels are deities, are expressed in symbolic forms. By symbolic form I mean a structure disclosed at one level of the cosmos which is a projection of and participates in a higher reality. Certain for… more »



उद्दोर्दण्डचलत्कुठारशिखरस्फारस्फुलिङ&… more »

Pranava Avarana Krama

The Praṇava Mantra is composed of sixty-four Kalās and each of these Kalās manifest as a mantra to result in sixty-four Mantras of Srīvidyā Krama. The sixty-four Kalās of Shuddha Praṇava are dealt with by Srī La… more »