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PrAsAda Parameshvara

तुर्यातीतपदोर्ध्वगं गुणपरं सत्तामयं सर&#238… more »

Jagannatha of Puri

- The Jagannatha Temple at Puri: Its Architecture, Art and Cult Bruton, the first English traveller to visit Purī and to see that mighty ‘pagoda’, “the mirror of all wickedness and idolatry”, made the strange observation in 1633 that the image of… more »


वेदाननां वेदकराम्बुजां तां त्रिशूलरुद्&#23… more »

Agnishtoma at Panjal, Kerala in 1975

I came across this documentary that chronicles the famously recounted Yajña held by the Nambūdaris of Kerala at Panjal in 1975. During this sāgnicitya atirātra, rows of eleven packed of rice flour were wrapped in banana leaves and these w… more »


- Reflections on the Tantras In both the Mahācīnācārakrama and Brahmayāmala, almost a similar story is given where the Buddha is represented as advising Vasiṣṭha that real worship of the Mother-Goddess should be per… more »