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Thavam Petra Nayaki

Kashmir Shaivism vs Advaita Vedanata: A Summary by Mahamahopadhyaya Gopinath Kaviraj

- Dr. Navjivan Rastogi (from Sri Kaviraj-ji's commemoration compendium) Kaviraj-ji once remarked “in spite of the antiquity of śākta Culture and of its philosophical traditions, the reason why no serious attempt was made is said to have been… more »

The Art and Science of Daoist Feng Shui

- Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson The art of Feng Shui dates back at least four thousand years, although the philosophies and magic symbols it incorporates date back to an even earlier period. According to the Shu Jing (Book of History), written by Si Ma Qian,… more »


विनिन्द्रकमलोत्पलैर्मुनिभिरर्चिताङ्घ&… more »

Sri Dakshina Kali Saptavarana Chakram

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Saubhayabhaskara vs Jayamangala: Two commentaries on Lalita Sahasranama

Of the several commentaries on Srī Lalitā Sahasranāma, the Saubhāgya Bhāskara commentary of Bhāskararāya is the most popular. Bhāskararāya was a great master of Mantra and Tantra vidyās. He has profuse… more »