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ChidAnandarUpaH Shivo.aham Shivo.aham

The Murtis of Varaha and Nrisimha

It is not an exaggeration if we say that the form of Lord Nr̥siṁha and Varāha are more interesting than any other emanations of Srīmannārāyaṇa. Their Vigrahas are also equally fascinating. Generally, the mūrti… more »

Worship of Shani

Today, we received an invitation to a “grand opening” (their words, not mine) of a “śanēśvara” temple somewhere in Kaṇāṭa dēśa where the chief deity is śanigraha (Saturn). That reminded me of an incident… more »


Kartika Masa

During the sacred Kārtika māsa, the great Lord Mahādēva is to be worshiped in four forms by upāsakas of Mahātripurasundarī following the path into ūrdhvāmnāya through the Paścimāmanāya kra… more »

The Lalitopakhyanam

- Dr. B Dutta The Lalitōpākhyānam is a text containing 40 Chapters and comprising of about 3000 verses. At present, it is found included in the Brahmāṇḍa Purāṇa. The text of this upākhyāna has nothin… more »