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Nilataradhipataye Namah

उच्छिष्टगण उच्छिष्टगणेशो गणनायकः | उच्छि&#… more »

Gaudapada, Sankara and Buddhism

- Excerpts from An Evaluation of the Vedāntic Critique of Buddhism by Gregory Joseph Darling There is some evidence that the Gauḍapāda-kārikās, on which there is a commentary said to be written by śaṅkara, reveal st… more »

Need for upAsanA

[Query] Why do we need to do upasana for moksha when we are already athma swaroopam? It is alarming to see the number of questions I see in the mailbox every day that reflect an attitude similar to that of the current questioner. Advice to the members… more »