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Samputikarana for Srikula Mantras

The use of Saṁpuṭīkaraṇa is employed to accelerate Mantra Siddhi. (a) Some Tantras insist on use of Saṁpuṭīkaraṇa when even three rounds of Puraścaraṇa fails to yield Mantra-siddhi. (b) In ce… more »

Buddhist Tantra - 5

To understand the significance of the vajrayAnic conception of advaya, the theory of shUnyatA and karuNA will first have to be taken into consideration. Voidness and compassion together constitute what is called the Bodhichitta or the Bodhi Mind. This i… more »

shiva dIpa dAna

One desirous of attaining the grace of mahAdeva should light eleven lamps of ghee before the Lord every day for a period of twenty-five years. Such a devotee earns kailAsa and sahavAsa with nandikeshvara. If possible, one should complete lighting lakSha… more »