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Karna Pishachini


[Query] Where can I get sadhana of karna pisachi? How does one obtain success in this sadhana? Please help as an astrologer has adviced me to do this sadhana for problems in horoscope.

ativipulasugAtram rukmapatrastamannam
sulalitadadhikhaNDam pANinA dakShiNena |
kalashamammR^itapUrNam vAmahaste dadhAnam
tarati sakaladuHkham vAmanam bhAvayedyaH ||

It is indeed funny that someone recommended the recitation of karNa pishAchinI mantra for an issue with one's horoscope. A certain tantra belonging to the class of bhUta DAmara explains the process of karNa pishAchini sAdhanA thus. I am quoting it here only to present before you the profanities involved that are evidently obnoxious to any healthy society. Quote: "The sadhaka starts the practice on the seventh day of the dark fortnight. During the practice, he shall not take the name of Hari, recite a Vedic mantra like gAyatri. He shall avoid visiting tirthas and kshetras and speaking to people involved in such practices. The upavIta is removed and placed inside a banyan tree. Till Siddhi is achieved, he shall not wash his hair, face, mouth or excretory and genital organs. Remembering devatas and pitris during the mantra japa will act as a thunderbolt on the pishachini and hence also on the upAsaka. If the upAsaka recites praNava during the period of sAdhanA, the japa done till that point shall go useless. The sAdhaka shall begin the japa at midnight, after getting intoxicated with liquor completely. He shall offer mIna bali [fish] to the pishAchini and commence japa in a place devoid of bilva and tulsi. Japa, when done with the mAla made of bones of a pregnant woman who died at child birth [called phetkAriNI mAlA] grants kShipra siddhi of the pishachini".

The list continues and the description of the method of kShipra siddhi of karNa pishAchini using a corpse is bearable only by a society of cannibals. karNa yakShi is a similar being whose sAdhanA is described in jAla shambara [portions quoted in vAmAchAramukhamardana of shrI kalpathy sAmbashiva dIkShita] the details of which gorier. With all this background, does it really seem to be a worthy upAsanA to spend time on? Moreover, the tantras describing this sAdhanA themselves warn the aspirant of death and insanity in case of a mistake.

Some may accuse such Tantras of being secretly partial to the rightist schools of thought. But the following anecdotes may inspire you to stay away from such uncalled practices. Anecdotes are rubbished by many but their principal value lies in the fact that through recording and analyzing the anecdotes, the accumulated experiences of the great men can serve as evidence that can inform and positively inspire the aspirants. With this thought, here are two anecdotes, hopefully of some epistemological value.

Sri R was a smArta brAhmaNa of the velnADu sect from Secunderabad. He was an officer in the Indian Railways and was posted in Uttar Pradesh. One May, he came across a certain Sadhu who was on the verge of being thrown out of the Train due to a missing ticket. Overcome with sympathy, R offered to buy him a ticket and some food. Once the two got down the train, the Sadhu followed R and expressed his desire to return the favor. He followed him home and taught him the secrets of karNa pishAchinI upAsanA. The gullible Mr. R discarded his upavIta without much discomfort as he did not remember when he had last performed sandhyAvandana. The sAdhu taught him the necessary steps for sAdhana, handed him a cheap bottle of liquor and bought some meat. He left but R began the upAsana in a secluded cemetery somewhere in Hardoi. And in a week, he achieved the Siddhi of the mantra and pishAchini began to speak on demand in his ears. He earned a lot of awe from people around him due to his capabilities of looking into a person's past. When asked about future, the pishAchini did tell him something, but most often her predictions were false [Svami Vishuddhanandaji records in his writings that the category of demigods are not free from ego and do not like to accept or admit their limitations]. Everything seemed hunky dory for a while but the pishAchini became more demanding and would not withstand R spending any time with his wife. When he began to grow frustrated and began to chide, the pishAchini started making a hellish sound in his ears. No one else heard the sound, like her earlier conversations with him, but R began to live a nightmare. The sound was deafening and its ghastly effect was beyond description. He began to lose appetite, sleep and peace of mind. He slowly became a living zombie and quit his job. Hoping that moving to his home town would help, he returned to Secunderabad. But the pishAchini continued to haunt him. Of his three daughters, one was kidnapped by a goon, molested and killed while returning from school. Another daughter developed epilepsy. His wife began to suffer from acute diabetes all of a sudden and became totally bed ridden. The family began to contemplate suicide. On one such day, R decided to undertake a pilgrimage to the sacred shrine of Bhagavati Kanakadurga in Vizag. He reached Vizag but could not go anywhere close to the shrine as the pishAchini began to haunt him. He sat in the hotel, shedding silent tears, staring at the shrine. With a heavy heart, he boarded a train back to Hyderabad and there he met a gentleman Sri V [a well-known advocate who later went on to become the Chief Justice of India] who was disheartened to see his sorry state. He understood the man's situation and suggested he visit Pudukkottai and see H H Sri Sri Shantananda Saraswati Mahaswamigal. With a ray of hope, R then visited Pudukkottai but was prevented from approaching the shrine. He was hit hard by the pishAchinI and collapsed. H H who appeared there, as though he was waiting for R's arrival, rushed to him, took his head in his lap and began to recite Aditya Hridayam.

R recollected later with tears how he had found the long lost peace in the lap of Mahaswamigal, who, like a mother abandoning everything to rescue her child from danger, had rushed to his help, discarding his normal AchAra. Now, do hundreds call him an epitome of jagadambA for no reason? After that day, pishAchinI never bothered R. H H advised R to undergo punarupanayana, initiated him into the mantra of shrI sUryanArAyaNa and instructed him to recite Aditya Hridayam twelve times during every sandhyA. R not only followed the instructions but also began to live in the Ashram, serving H H. Sri R led a peaceful life and attained the lotus feet of shrI bhuvaneshvari in 2004.

Did that sound like a tale from Narnia? Here's another, less dramatic. A person I know well had a neighbor who fell ill. To cure him, they invited a eunuch from Coimbatore who was supposedly well-versed in vAmAchAra. The person arrived and did some stuff. It really did not work [as the person's legs had to be amputated a month later], but the family along the eunuch ate a whole lot of meat [from whatever was offered as bali] and drank bottles of liquor as prasAd. The eunuch decided to make some more money while in that city and began to offer predictions to people. He charged Indian Rupees 500 per question and all his predictions of a person's past were fascinatingly true. He did make a lot of future predictions but most people later complained that not one bit of it came true. Now, my friend got interested in this whole affair and decided to visit one such session. He sat behind a crowd which had gathered and began to observe. The eunuch arrived, sat and waited for someone to dish out some 100 buck notes. The moment that happened, she put something in her mouth and snapped her fingers thrice [chutki bajAna]. She/He then heard something from an invisible source and then predictions began to pour in an almost nauseating Tamil. With her gestures, it became clear to our friend that this was possibly a yakshi or a pishAcha. With a natural instinct, he began to recite nrsimha mantra and watched patiently. All of a sudden, the eunuch got confused and started to look around. After a while, she looked at our friend and shouted, "Throw him out. Devi is not coming because of him"! The naive crowd, which did not want this entertainment to end, condescended to her demand. Needless to say, I got booted from that place. So, the pishAchini was blocked by Nrisimha mantra and this was a visible proof of the negativity of that being.

gaNeshavaTukastutA ratisahAya-kAmAnvitA
smarArivaraviShTarA kusumabANabANairyutA |
ana~NgakusumAdibhiH parivR^itA cha siddhaistribhiH
kadambavanamadhyagA tripurasundarI patu naH ||

paramashivavadhUTI pAtu mAm kAmakoTI ||