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Moksha Fixation


[Query] Can reciting upanishats help to get moksha? After practicing upanishats, can we stop japam?

shrImAtre namaH

Your questions seem cryptic. Firstly, no, merely reciting the upaniShat or even intellectually understanding it does not liberate one. If you mean “reciting the upaniShat” when you say “practice”, then that should be no sufficient reason to give up nitya japa or upAsanA. For an upAsaka, upanishat, advaita, tantra etc. are but approaches to parAmbA and SHE is the sole focus, not the rest. AnandasAgara stava was a favorite of my Guru Brahmasri Asthana Vidwan K P Shankara Shastrigal, and it answers every question one may have. Let us examine what Sri Nilakantha Dikshita thinks of Moksha:

nAhaM sahe tava kathAshravaNAntarAyam
nAhaM sahe tava padArchanavichyutiM vA |
mokShaM dishaitadaviruddhamidam na chetsyA-
nnaivAstu mAtarapavarga-mahopsargaH ||

Amba! Minakshi, daughter of Pandya Bhupala, the one whose gaze is sweeter than sweetness, I am told by many that mokSha is the goal. Everyone seems to be doing something to achieve this mokSha! As for me, I cannot withstand for a minute, not listening to your divine lIlA visheSha. I cannot bear for a second, separation from the worship of your lotus feet! If this “mokSha” that people so desire is something that does not disturb either of these, then give it to me! Else, I do not care for that apavarga (moksha) which is actually upasarga (misfortune or a great disease)!

kAshyAM nipAtaya vapuH shvapachAlaye vA
svargaM naya tvamapavargamadhogatiM vA |
adyaiva vA kuru dayAM punar Ayatau vA
kaH sambhramo mama dhane dhaninaH pramaaNam ||

Minakshi, Shyamale, Mantrini, my most precious wealth! What do you want to do with me ah? Give me death in kAshi - the sannidhi of vishAlAkShi, or ordain me to death in the midst of chaNDAlas [shvapacha is technically an outcaste born to a brAhmaNa strI through a chaNDAla]. Give me the luxuries of the heaven or even liberation. Or, make me burn in hellish netherworlds. If you choose, grace me today and now or make me wait for lifetimes! Why do I have to hurry or whirl round in all this? I and my wellbeing are not my worries but yours. Wealth is the owner’s responsibility and not of itself. When I have surrendered to you completely, I am your vastu and my well-being is your responsibility. With the responsibility of my head resting on the lotus feet of Mahatripurasundari, I am free of every worry, always taken care of and blissful.

AdAya cha gurossAkShAdAdishaktermukhAmbujAt |
galitaM paramAnandarasasAraM pibAmyaham ||