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Dakshinamnaya Sringeri Sharada Peetham


[Query] Vandanamu, I come from a family of samskrita scholars. I have been initiated by Shree Amrithanandha Saraswathi. I have been reading articles about Shringeri Acharyals on your website. I have been wondering what is the relevance of their teachings in Kaliyga? There have been numerous teachers who have simplified complicated branches such as Shreevidhya and taken it to the common people. How are the Shringeri Acharyas reaching out to common folks? You have mentioned even the dead Acharyas doing miracles. Is there anyone who has seen them? The Mutt does not recognize Vamachara which is a valid path and this has been told by Devi to Guruji. How can we believe they are realized?

Dear Sri Navaratnam, your words indicate that you are indeed confused. The Acharyas of Sri Dakshinamnaya Sringeri Sharada Peetham are the very images of Adi Shankaracharya, who in turn is Sri Dakshinamurti. The Acharyas, right from Adi Shankara Bhagavatpada, have not taught any new concepts, have not claimed revelations or started new cults. They have taught the Sanatana Hindu Dharma in its purest form. They have addressed the needs of various categories of humans by teaching Jnana, Bhakti and Karma. You question the relevance of their teachings in Kaliyuga? It would then be better to question the relevance of the eternal Vedas, the Sanatana Dharma based solely on the Vedas and also Srividya and Agama Shastras, which trace their origins to the Sruti. As you mention you are a Srividya Upasaka, your Upasana would be mere falsehood if you question the Vedic faith. The Shastras are eternal and do not need to be customized to suit particular periods of space or time. Advaita or Srividya are truths - truth is truth - call it complicated to simple! It is like 0 or 1. Either take it as 0 or take it as 1. There are no fractional values here. So, Srividya is an experience and it cannot be made more complicated or made simpler, as many claim. The Shastras say, "In the age of Kali, there are many teachers who re-interpret the scriptures, woo men away from the scriptures or blame them. For money, land and women, they teach false lessons to disciples and loot them in the name of Tantra. They use Shastras as a disguise to indulge in wine and women" - Rudrayamala, 82end Patala. So, the scriptures have clearly indicated the advent of false Gurus. I am in no way claiming that such and such Guru is false or upholding another as genuine. But to claim that a certain individual's teachings are the only right ones, irrespective of whether they confirm to the Shastra are not, is wrong and questioning the teachings of the Dakshinamnaya Peetham purely on this basis is illogical.

Srividya is like river Saraswati which is always flowing as an undercurrent in the hearts of sincere Upasakas. It needs no publicity, no crash courses or web tutorials. Srividya is NirAlamba vidyA - we depend on her and vice versa is untrue. So, there is absolutely no need to dilute the teaching of Srividya in the pretext of taking it to the common man. A common man is not eligible for Srividya; it is as simple as that. When I mean a common man, I am referring to a person who has not reached the Karmic level necessary for obtaining this Moksha Vidya. At the right time, the Guru appears and imparts the teaching. To claim that a fool like me is taking Srividya to all, in a true sense, by means of this website or message forum is sheer ignorance. How would it be possible to convey the silent experience of Brahmavidya in words? The great Acharyas, who are the epitome of Dharma, have been guiding the world merely by their presence. Does Sri Dakshinamurti need to webcast a discourse to clear Sanaka’s doubts? The Acharyas also guide those who sincerely seek their help. It is highly ignorant to refer to the great Acharyas as 'dead'. For an Advaitin, where is the question of death? The Acharyas only shed their mortal coil and return to their omnipresent form. There is nothing called a 'miracle' that the Acharyas have performed. This is true even with Adi Acharya. When the self is totally realized as the great Brahman, there are no limitations and in such a state of Purnadvaita, what is impossible? It is only due to their infinite compassion that the great Acharyas have demonstrated their unlimited Anugraha shakti.

Coming to the age old discussion of Vamachara and Dakshinachara - when one follows the path of Dakshinachara, all he should be interested is in the teachings of that path. He should have neither the time nor inclination to think of Vamachara or any other paths. I assume a sincere Vamachari thinks in the same way. To debate on the deficiencies in other paths is useless. Because you mention about the Mutt not accepting Vamachara, I assume you have an internal feeling of guilt which makes to question your own path and this is the most dangerous thing that a Sadhaka can do. You question the realization of the great Acharyas. Now, wouldn't it be correct if I question you - How do you believe Devi told something to somebody? How are you sure you were not hallucinating under the influence of some narcotic drug? I am sure that you will not like nonsensical questions such as these. So dear friend, don’t waste time in judging others, in debating about Dakshinachara and Vamachara; but instead spend time in contemplating on the lotus feet of Amba who manifested to you as your Guru. Jaya Jaya Nrisimha.