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Utility of Kriya

[Query] Are kriyas needed for all? Are they primarily for achieving siddhis?

yasmin viruddhagatayo hyanisham patanti
vidyAdayo vividhashaktaya AnupUrvyAt |
tadbrahma vishvabhavamekamanantamAdyam
AnandamAtramavikAramaham prapadye ||

The true value of Kriya Yoga lies in its capability to awaken the energy that brings about a synergy of the body and the mind, enabling a continued and effortless state of joy and content. The joy it brings is grounded in the awareness of the self and hence is self-sustained. It is a multi-faceted system as it involves mudrA, Asana, prANAyama, dhAraNa, mantra, visualization, bhakti and other classical components of any approved and appreciated system having its roots in the sanAtana dharma. Siddhis occur in every path of sAdhanA but the beauty of kriyA is that it allows one to relish the inner treasures as sacred manifestations of the power of the Atman. They are a proof of the eternal chidAtman and their utility, understood by every sincere kriyAvAn well, is in the strengthening of one's desire to locate the source behind these tiny but luminous rays.

People try to meditate with the notion, "I am going to meditate" and end up drowsy or uneasy or frustrated. Kriya, through a specific set of instructions, relaxes the body, the mind and the senses and allows meditation to manifest naturally. Such a state of relaxation aids the unobstructed flow of "energy", never accessible to the average human otherwise, restoring the natural state of soham. The resulting bliss becomes an undifferentiated part of one's being, and the surreal noise outside begins to cease. To simply summarize, kriyA addresses our assumed inability to feel complete by bringing about a balance of the body and the mind, calming the sensory faculties, and leading one to a state where the luminosity within can be perceived effortlessly.

atyanta-shItalamatandrayatu kShaNArdham
astoka-vibhramamana~NgavilAsakandam |
akShiprarohamachirAnmayi kAmakoTi ||