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Hiranyavarna Harini


VekaTAdhvari, in his lakShmIsahasram, sees the kaTAkSha of shrI mahAlakShmI as the driving force behind all the accomplishments of the dashAvatAra-nAthas. He describes the sAmIpya of ambA as the reason behind the karya nirvAha of the ten avatAras:

dashasvapyavatAreShu devo yadrUpasaMplavAt |
sAdhayAmAsa kAryAni satAM tasyai shriyai namaH ||

O Mother! It is your auspicious gaze that restores long lost fortunes in a second. To make this truth known to the world, Lord shrImannArAyaNa assumed the form of a mIna which represents your auspicious gaze and restored the vedasaMpat of chaturmukha which was stolen by somakAsura. Thus, chaturmukha and his world re-attained the lost riches through your auspicious gaze.

O Mother! It is well-known that you are born of the ocean. Goddess dharaNI was kidnapped by hiraNyAkSha and hidden in the depths of the ocean. Due to this garbhAvAsa that she underwent within the ocean, she attained the gaurava of being called your sister! It is owing to this reason that the Lord assumed the form of Adi varAha - to save the sister of his beloved from distress!

O Mother! Long ago, Lord incarnated as ugra nR^isiMha mUrti. Even after the purpose of his avatAra was fulfilled, he continued to evoke fear in the three worlds through his roShAgni. It seemed like an entire ocean was needed to extinguish the fire of the Lord’s anger. But the moment you appeared before him, his anger disappeared in a whiff and this really should not be a surprise! In this world, the shakti present in the upAdAna kAraNa is seen in the kAryarUpa padArtha as well. Thus, the power of tApa shamana seen the father samudra is naturally present in the daughter as well!

O Mother, you are described as the refuge of the word in the shruti! The veda describes you as hiraNyavarNA, of the form of a svarNa vigraha. It also describes you as hariNI, the playful deer. While you are a golden maiden, he is like a great goldsmith who assaults gold (hiraNyabhettA: the one who assaulted hiraNyaka, which can also mean a goldsmith). While you are a hariNI, he is the divya siMha! This being the case, how is it that you sport on the a~Nka of the great nR^ihari fearlessly?

O Mother, this divya siMha does not prefer to roam about in the forest, but instead in the garden named the hearts of the Paramahamsa yogis. This siMha, instead of causing harm to the elephants, is bent upon saving them from distress (reference here is to the episode of gajendra mokSha)! This simHa, instead of feasting on the flesh of a deer, is ever protective of the hariNI. And the mighty siMha has been subjugated by a mere abalA through the merit of her auspicious qualities such as aishvarya, kAruNya, saundarya etc. What other than your dayA can cause such a transformation even in a beast?

O Mother! Let me, for a moment, analyze the significance of nR^isiMhAvatAra. People say that the most spectacular aspect of this avAtAra is the assumption of haryakSha (siMha) rUpa. But this aspect is not abhUtapUrva as haryakShatva of the Lord is anAdi on account of sUrya and chandra acting as his two eyes. Some others say, it was to protect prahlAda that the Lord incarnated. prahlAda means Ananda and the act of the Lord involving Anandopachaya is anAdi as well! The rest see the nigraha of hiraNyaka as the purpose (hiraNyA~Ngadatva) which the Lord had already accomplished through the nigraha of the golden ornaments that adore his body. Thus, it is confirmed that he assumed the vichitrAkR^iti of narasiMha solely to amuse you.

O Mother! Lord attained the doSha of kupratigraha on account of receiving dAna from a daitya like bali. And he grew across the heavens (as trivikrama) on the basis of the interest that accumulated from the dAna he received. Living on interest earned is called kusIda vR^itti which is sinful. And he took birth as the brother of indra, who is a gotraghna. He assumed the form of mAyAvaTu and resorted to mityAvAda. In spite of all this, the water that washed his feet became capable of granting shivatva even to shiva. brahmA collected this tIrtha reverentially in his kamaNDalu. What other than your presence in his heart can be the reason for the greatness of vAmana mUrti?

O Mother! You made fun of the Lord for having assumed the form of a dwarf and for having begged for three feet of land. Completely embarrassed, Lord incarnated as parashurAma to make amends and donated all the land that he had received during the previous incarnation as vAmana to dvijas.

O Mother! During your incarnation as sItA, the ignorant assume the reason for your agniparIkShA to be the doubt in the mind of rAmachandra. That is simply nonsensical. When Anjaneya decided to accomplish lankAdahana, agni entered his tail and ate to his content the houses of rAkShasas in lankA. On account of having indulged in abhakShya bhojana, agni became impure (kR^ishNavartmA). To purify agni and restore yajna vidhi to the world, you entered the fire and purified agni with your sanctifying touch. From that point, he came to be known as shuchi or the pure one.

O Mother, rAmachandra broke the mighty bow of shiva during your svayamvara. He constructed a bridge across the vast ocean. He destroyed the entire city of the lankA and even the invincible rAvaNa. What other than Anaya Asakti in you can make one accomplish such asAdhArana and Ashcharyakara kAryas?

samastaguNavistArasamAveshaniveshanam |
vande.aravindanilayaM varadaM paradaivatam ||